Tuesday, 10 February 2015

poisonous love

poisonous love

She didn't feel any pain when he bit her only felt his cold breath like the morning winter frost on her soft neck he drank every drop of her warm ruby blood that gave him more power then before because she was a virgin and he decided to make her his bride but before he could do that he had to make sure that she forgot her past so he erased her memory so he could have her all to himself, but little did he know that he drank poison from her blood he started to feel sharp pains and he felt like he was tied to the execution chair and shocks of electricity in every vain and he could see his vains started to swell and black blood soon came out of his nose and finger nails. he couldn't believe what was happening to him he looked at the beautiful creature that was laying on the grass still wanting her but it was not
to be he layed beside her and took her hand and gave it a kiss goodbye and took his last breath as he put his head on her chest.

Written by: Sugarmeme 2015©

Monday, 9 February 2015



Hurt with love bitter sweet pain
imprisoned with  fantasy's
Wanting a dream to come true?
When seeing you I light up with life
In my mind wishing you were mine.

©2015 Sugarmeme  poem & pic