Monday, 23 March 2015

Dreams in the dark

Lovers  leave a distinctive great space  
Memories go on forever  
Gentle kisses sealed the dark  
Dreams  made on a dark night  
Yesterday has gone  
Is my new  

©2015 Mariam Alsuaiti
#Nonnet #Poem


crisp rain in the air  
Memories of kids jumping 
spring's here now smiling

©2015 Mariam Alsulaiti 

Bleeding love

Blood bleeding leaving a trail 
Leaving your body weak and pale
Overwhelming thirst for love 
Obedience will soon be your sate 
Dying for taste that is not mine 

©2015 Mariam Alsulaiti.  

Saturday, 21 March 2015




Trying to relate with my own fate
Dealing with pain erasing hate
Getting my mind in the right state
Knowing that not everything's on a plate.

Show your love let it be known
Don't let your bitterness be shown
Leave sourness don't make a frown
Life can make you look a clown

See the light don't give up the fight
Take a chance on life have more sight
Breath look at stars in the night

Death comes to everyone in this world
Life goes and stories are unheard
Life and death is a song of a bird.

©2015 Mariam Alsulaiti
picture source  from #Tumbler