Monday, 25 May 2015

Blood bath .

Living a slander pretending everything is alright
DarkNess  slides towards me showing me shadows of the night
The sight of death is life for me
Seeing you dead slit by my knife
Pleased the heartaches didn't go in vain
I soke in your blood eating your brain

A yearn for terror you take out my light
Years I have gone now I'm putting up a fight
All my madness I've undergone
The day has come that you have gcone waiting keeping alive staying sain
I soke in your blood eating your brain

You gagged my mouth by darted words
Only to make me shattered shards
Finally taken a  breath with a free mind
Release  my tension  and fear behind
Nightmares of you leave me in pain
I soke in your blood eating your brain.

(C) 2015 Poem Mariam Alsulaiti 

 Collins Sestet poem.

Picture from Pinterest.

Wednesday, 20 May 2015



Painful  Pleasure
Stinging  needles all over  me
Painful  pleasure 
Every seance is a treasure
Darkness brings me  down to my knees 
Rotting skin smells of moldy trees  
Painful  pleasure. 

©2015 poem by: Mariam Alsulaiti. 
#Rondelet #poem 
Picture from #Tumbler



Painful  Pleasure
Stinging  needles all over  me
Painful  pleasure 
Every seance is a treasure
Darkness brings me  down to my knees 
Rotting skin smells of moldy trees  
Painful  pleasure. 

©2015 poem by: Mariam Alsulaiti. 
#Rondelet #poem 
Picture from #Tumbler

Burning Pain


Burning Pain

Burning words you throw at me
The heart ignites every time you blame me 
Burning hate grows inside of me 
Pins and needles tap dance on my lips  
Eyes burn up ready to erupt words start to fire up 
Getting hungry for revenge 
As I plan ways for your end
I think I'll play it slow and put you on low heat  
Until your flesh smokes up 
Feel the burning pain 
The way you burnt my tender heart. 

         2015©  Mariam Alsulaiti. 


Monday, 20 April 2015


Sitting beside hell my mind is cold
Not hearing a word he says 
Choking on sour sorrows
eyes acting as they were blind 
Can't keep the tears they overflow rudely
Flooding my face without permission 
Can't see a future,life is slowly killing me
Only holding on for my young 
So they don't live a hell without 
A mother. My only hope are them
They make me get up 
To see a new Day maybe 
Tomorrow will be a nicer day.

     ©2015 Mariam Alsulaiti.

Sunday, 19 April 2015


Dreams come and go
Not all are for you
Let fate guide you
and give a helping hand 
Not all you want will come 
True be thankful for what you
© sugarmeme 2015.

The Missing Part

This picture gave the inspiration to write this

feeling  something is missing in my heart 
I keep looking for the missing part 
lost, lonely sadnesses ripping me apart 
Nothing can help heal my lonely heart
When time comes the dove in me will 
Be set free. 

©2015 Mariam Alsuaiti 

Painting by: Eve Ventrue called Melancholy

Monday, 23 March 2015

Dreams in the dark

Lovers  leave a distinctive great space  
Memories go on forever  
Gentle kisses sealed the dark  
Dreams  made on a dark night  
Yesterday has gone  
Is my new  

©2015 Mariam Alsuaiti
#Nonnet #Poem


crisp rain in the air  
Memories of kids jumping 
spring's here now smiling

©2015 Mariam Alsulaiti 

Bleeding love

Blood bleeding leaving a trail 
Leaving your body weak and pale
Overwhelming thirst for love 
Obedience will soon be your sate 
Dying for taste that is not mine 

©2015 Mariam Alsulaiti.  

Saturday, 21 March 2015




Trying to relate with my own fate
Dealing with pain erasing hate
Getting my mind in the right state
Knowing that not everything's on a plate.

Show your love let it be known
Don't let your bitterness be shown
Leave sourness don't make a frown
Life can make you look a clown

See the light don't give up the fight
Take a chance on life have more sight
Breath look at stars in the night

Death comes to everyone in this world
Life goes and stories are unheard
Life and death is a song of a bird.

©2015 Mariam Alsulaiti
picture source  from #Tumbler 


Tuesday, 10 February 2015

poisonous love

poisonous love

She didn't feel any pain when he bit her only felt his cold breath like the morning winter frost on her soft neck he drank every drop of her warm ruby blood that gave him more power then before because she was a virgin and he decided to make her his bride but before he could do that he had to make sure that she forgot her past so he erased her memory so he could have her all to himself, but little did he know that he drank poison from her blood he started to feel sharp pains and he felt like he was tied to the execution chair and shocks of electricity in every vain and he could see his vains started to swell and black blood soon came out of his nose and finger nails. he couldn't believe what was happening to him he looked at the beautiful creature that was laying on the grass still wanting her but it was not
to be he layed beside her and took her hand and gave it a kiss goodbye and took his last breath as he put his head on her chest.

Written by: Sugarmeme 2015©

Monday, 9 February 2015



Hurt with love bitter sweet pain
imprisoned with  fantasy's
Wanting a dream to come true?
When seeing you I light up with life
In my mind wishing you were mine.

©2015 Sugarmeme  poem & pic

Sunday, 4 January 2015


(C) 2015 sugaronwheels.

The love we shared is no longer their
Only misty memories of you I bare
Love was alive but it didn't survive
For love needs two to stay alive.