Saturday, 26 July 2014

The Skull Garden

Every day she  watered  her skull plants they once where her husbands, but each one had a gruesome death and she wanted to maintain them as a reminder that she will not let another man hurt her. 
The first husband was a banker, she met him when depositing her two million dollars in the bank he worked at and he had a bad intention from the start. He acted as the romantic Romeo on her! She found out his scam and 
Planned for his death. 
He loved mushroom soup, so she  planted him a delicious meal with mushrooms and didn't forget the soup she sat with him at the diner table Wareing  a red lace tight dress with a v open back she had dark thoughts creeping over her waiting for him to take the soup. He had other things on his mind as soon as he saw her in the hot red lace he didn't want to eat he wanted to go upstairs. 
He didn't eat the food, so plan B was in, she took him upstairs  and ran to the bathroom and inserted a tiny blade, insider her it was made to cut the manhood in half as he went deeper into the vagina. Women put them inside themselves to protect themselves from rape, but she wanted to kill him in a painful way they started to make honey and he felt a sharp, thin cut him his eyes opened in fright and screamed with pain and agony he turned  over on his back he saw blood all over him she climbed on his chest quick and slit his throat. 

The second husband was a poet and won her love by romantic words and all the muse he had to gain her love. 
Only she didn't know that he loved to prove to himself he could win any lady with his words
He tried to run a game of words with her best friend, but she found out so she was going to teach him a lesson he came home from work on day and gave him a drink and mixed it with some sleeping pills. 
He went into a deep sleep and she took a kitchen knife and cut his tongue out and cut off his fingers so he couldn't write anymore  when he woke up, he could feel a burning sensation in his mouth and put his right hand up to his mouth but only to see a bloody hand with no fingers he freaked out and died from shock. 
The third husband, she met on an airplane she was going to a wedding in Hawi he was going to the same wedding by chance it was love at first sight. 
They got married after a week they met it was all going well till she knew about his bad temper 
And drinking made him a crazy man. She couldn't live with someone like that she had to get rid of him before he killed her so she played with the car brakes so he would have an accident he died on the spot when he was after a week of him being buried
She opened the grave and cut off his head. 
She was unlucky with her marriages she wanted to be happy and have someone to love and be loved but it wasn't meant to be. 
The fourth skull was the housekeepers skull  she killed her because she was a bitch and found out that she had her way with all her husbands so she gave her a special taste of her torture she tied her to the bed and blindfolded her with  a cloth covered in red hot pepper and poured down her throat acid and opened her legs and told her ill teach you how not to sleep with other peoples husbands  as she got the super glue and glued her private parts but before she put inside her broken glass so she bleed to death from inside and after that she started to cut her up but she still was alive and coudnt screem cut her toess first then her legs and she fanted out but was woken up and the last was her head that was cut off. 

The morel of the story is that not all women will stand for dickheads and assholes so treat your lady like a queen so she will treat you like a king. 

Written By : Sugaronwheels 

Thursday, 24 July 2014

The Crash.

It happened in a flash 
I couldn't prevent the crash
My life went from plain to pain
I've lost the way you've gone
You couldn't hold on, I didn't  care Only loved the fast lain but I lost you and can't rewind my fate. 

By :sugaronwheels. 

Sunday, 20 July 2014

Blood Bath

She loved him, couldn't let go
All the years that he helped her
To bloom, and open her horizons on what she never knew, he molded her like clay in a way that she could never be able to depend on herself.
It was taking a toll on her freedom she loved him but didn't want to live this way anymore so she decided she will free herself from the dark chains that she can hardly breathe, from the chains that  felt like old rust and smelt like rotten water mixed with the iron. Remembering the days that he used to take her to his cell and rip off her humanity and degrade her with his sick mind and make her do things that would never come across a normal person. 
He once took an old bent blade and slit his wrist and made her to drink his blood! He said: So you won't forget me, I'll be in your blood forever. He made her take a bath in his feces. He would tie her to the bed and let the spiders crawl on her naked body and put red ants on her that would bite her and swell and after all that he would beat her with a rope with needles in it on her black and blue body.
She saw a black widow spider in the corner of the wall, spinning a web for her prey. She killed it and took its poison and put it on the knife so she could make a slow, painful death just like he was doing to her he came that night in her room again at night so he could play his sick games on her!
But this time it was going to be the last. She pretended to be asleep, he came closer to her, she could smell his sweat. 
She waited till he bent over her and took the knife and plunged it into his chest, she pushed him to the floor and started to stab him over and over again remembering everything he did to her she was planning for him to have a slow death. But it came to this after it was over she decided to take a blood bath in his blood a glass of red blood, "his blood" so she will never forget what he did to her. 

Written  By: Sugaronwheels


PainDancing to the symphony of my pain. My blood drains, drop by drop You can hear the drips one after the other. Your sharp tongue is like a killer's knife: you sharpen it before the kill. When will this torture end its like a mirror I can see everything. I know what you want, you want my soul you want me to be dust in the air or just disappear. 

Written. By : sugaronwheels 
18-July - 2014

Monday, 14 July 2014

Sick Love.

You keep following me in my dreams,
I don't want your love anymore,
Its like slow death strangling me
Every time I try to go you pull me back
With your eyes like a magnet I can't refuse them
When will I be free from this sick love.


By :sugaronwheels

Wednesday, 2 July 2014


Looking For away to escape this life
Waiting for my plan to come to life
Watching every move you make
Hoping you slip and brake
I've become frozen even from life
My feelings have become ice
Don't ask me why?
You know that you stole my light
You planted the dark seeds
So your harvest is hate and anger
One day will come and I'll be free