Monday, 20 April 2015


Sitting beside hell my mind is cold
Not hearing a word he says 
Choking on sour sorrows
eyes acting as they were blind 
Can't keep the tears they overflow rudely
Flooding my face without permission 
Can't see a future,life is slowly killing me
Only holding on for my young 
So they don't live a hell without 
A mother. My only hope are them
They make me get up 
To see a new Day maybe 
Tomorrow will be a nicer day.

     ©2015 Mariam Alsulaiti.

Sunday, 19 April 2015


Dreams come and go
Not all are for you
Let fate guide you
and give a helping hand 
Not all you want will come 
True be thankful for what you
© sugarmeme 2015.

The Missing Part

This picture gave the inspiration to write this

feeling  something is missing in my heart 
I keep looking for the missing part 
lost, lonely sadnesses ripping me apart 
Nothing can help heal my lonely heart
When time comes the dove in me will 
Be set free. 

©2015 Mariam Alsuaiti 

Painting by: Eve Ventrue called Melancholy