Wednesday, 24 December 2014

     One Day.
     Don't know what to do
     Don't know how to get to you
     Your like  a dream I see you
     But can't seem to get to you
     Burning up my heart can't stop
     Skipping a bet just thinking of you
     One day you'll be mine then
     My dreams come true for I'll
     Be the one to make you cry
     Then only you will know how it
      Is to die every day just to wait
      For a word , a sign  from the one
      Who has become your soul.

       ©2014  SUGARONWHEELS

Wednesday, 3 December 2014

My Dreams

Like all my dreams torments the days.  
And my life decays slowly away 
chains of haunted thoughts bound my mind. 
Visions of lonely death
slowly enslave me away. 

Sunday, 30 November 2014

Night Desire.

The One I Adore. 
he only comes in my dreams 
At the break of dawn. 
He sits beside me as I lay my head 
He combs my hair with fingers that I wish would go everywhere the burning 
Thirst of desire when he looks at me
I turn my head in shyness but he reads
My moves. 
His voice makes my feel like a volcano inside and then I turn into a running water fall. The warmth of his breath with on my neack makes me leave this world. 

Written by : Sugaronwheels© 
Date: 30/11/2014. 

Saturday, 25 October 2014

A little bit of me

           Photo by: sugaronwheels. 

How can I say this?
I try to reach out telling you I need help! But I hate the fact I want a hand reaching back I like to build up walls so people don't really know me but in the end they always find a way To make them come tumbling down. I hate needing people to do things for me,I just wish I could do a simple thing like brush my hair wipe myself is hard to feel deprived of your own personal needs"PRIVACY "
Always having someone watching you,you're every breath.thats hard
To live with in the end we all need help. 

Written by:Sugaronwheels 

Friday, 17 October 2014


 You still live in me after all these years
Your spirit lights the darkness inside
The days pass, time stands still
Like a time capsule I'm  frozen in memories.

Written by: memesugsronwheels ©

Friday, 8 August 2014


when I feel crushed and beaten down 
whenever it rains and hurts inside I go outside
I block the pain and hope it wont happen 

I don't  care  What happens  anymore 
you've  lost my respect the first  time 
You riesd your hand. 
You think you can buy my love with all
New things?

everthing  unhealthy comes to an end, it takes courage 
To become a warrior. 
A plan takes time to make and when all is ready 
everything will be at stake. but peace  is more my place
So im willing  to put all at stake. 

Written by : sugaronwheels  (c)

Tuesday, 5 August 2014



Written by: sugaronwheels  (c)


We are sisters in spirt not in blood 

If you harm us we will take your blood

For we will let in our lives but don't 

You try to sly or we will make your head fly. 

Lol haha only joking

This is about two friends they live in 

Two different country's but they feel like 

They are real sisters from one womb. 

Saturday, 2 August 2014

The Playground

He left him playing in the park with his uncle John and told him to be a good boy. And that when he comes back they will get some ice-cream. 
He was playing in the sand and suddenly
A man fell down in front of him a wooden thick stick with blood all over his face and open eyes staring at him, but with no life in them he looked around as he was in shock and terrified. 
A big huge teddy was behind him, his uncle went to buy a newspaper, the teddy was watching him with an evil look and began to talk to him would you like to play with me? If you do ill help you and won't let anyone hurt you! I know that you cry at night and seen how the other children bully you. The boy felt strange about this and wanted to know how did the teddy know about him? But he wanted a friend to and felt lonely, so he said yes, then the teddy told the boy first you have to prove to me you will be a good friend and not leave me. If you do ill get sad and angry, then things will go bad; the boy said ok don't worry: friends forever. 
Ok then you see that body I want you to get rid of it. The poor boy didn't realize that he was going to be part of a crime he said I can't  lift the body up it's to hevey for me! The teddy said then  cut him in pieces and bury him so he did. 
The next day the boy went to school and the children on the bus started to pick on him and call him names and pushed him on the floor he cried when he went home he ran straight to his room the teddy was sitting on his bed. : how did you get here ? Teddy said thorugh the door. I saw what happend on the bus. And you will see what I will do to them! The following day he went to school and the bullies where kind to him and not hiting him 
Anymore so he was a happy boy for a couple of days till a boy was found hung by the neck in the school Jim soon as he saw him hanging he knew it was that evil teddy. The boy felt bad he told the teddy that he can't go around killing innocent people  teddy looked at him and raised the side of his devilish eyebrow and told him It's my favarte game would you like to play with me ? 
That's when he knew that the teddy bear was the one who killed the man in the park. 

Saturday, 26 July 2014

The Skull Garden

Every day she  watered  her skull plants they once where her husbands, but each one had a gruesome death and she wanted to maintain them as a reminder that she will not let another man hurt her. 
The first husband was a banker, she met him when depositing her two million dollars in the bank he worked at and he had a bad intention from the start. He acted as the romantic Romeo on her! She found out his scam and 
Planned for his death. 
He loved mushroom soup, so she  planted him a delicious meal with mushrooms and didn't forget the soup she sat with him at the diner table Wareing  a red lace tight dress with a v open back she had dark thoughts creeping over her waiting for him to take the soup. He had other things on his mind as soon as he saw her in the hot red lace he didn't want to eat he wanted to go upstairs. 
He didn't eat the food, so plan B was in, she took him upstairs  and ran to the bathroom and inserted a tiny blade, insider her it was made to cut the manhood in half as he went deeper into the vagina. Women put them inside themselves to protect themselves from rape, but she wanted to kill him in a painful way they started to make honey and he felt a sharp, thin cut him his eyes opened in fright and screamed with pain and agony he turned  over on his back he saw blood all over him she climbed on his chest quick and slit his throat. 

The second husband was a poet and won her love by romantic words and all the muse he had to gain her love. 
Only she didn't know that he loved to prove to himself he could win any lady with his words
He tried to run a game of words with her best friend, but she found out so she was going to teach him a lesson he came home from work on day and gave him a drink and mixed it with some sleeping pills. 
He went into a deep sleep and she took a kitchen knife and cut his tongue out and cut off his fingers so he couldn't write anymore  when he woke up, he could feel a burning sensation in his mouth and put his right hand up to his mouth but only to see a bloody hand with no fingers he freaked out and died from shock. 
The third husband, she met on an airplane she was going to a wedding in Hawi he was going to the same wedding by chance it was love at first sight. 
They got married after a week they met it was all going well till she knew about his bad temper 
And drinking made him a crazy man. She couldn't live with someone like that she had to get rid of him before he killed her so she played with the car brakes so he would have an accident he died on the spot when he was after a week of him being buried
She opened the grave and cut off his head. 
She was unlucky with her marriages she wanted to be happy and have someone to love and be loved but it wasn't meant to be. 
The fourth skull was the housekeepers skull  she killed her because she was a bitch and found out that she had her way with all her husbands so she gave her a special taste of her torture she tied her to the bed and blindfolded her with  a cloth covered in red hot pepper and poured down her throat acid and opened her legs and told her ill teach you how not to sleep with other peoples husbands  as she got the super glue and glued her private parts but before she put inside her broken glass so she bleed to death from inside and after that she started to cut her up but she still was alive and coudnt screem cut her toess first then her legs and she fanted out but was woken up and the last was her head that was cut off. 

The morel of the story is that not all women will stand for dickheads and assholes so treat your lady like a queen so she will treat you like a king. 

Written By : Sugaronwheels 

Thursday, 24 July 2014

The Crash.

It happened in a flash 
I couldn't prevent the crash
My life went from plain to pain
I've lost the way you've gone
You couldn't hold on, I didn't  care Only loved the fast lain but I lost you and can't rewind my fate. 

By :sugaronwheels. 

Sunday, 20 July 2014

Blood Bath

She loved him, couldn't let go
All the years that he helped her
To bloom, and open her horizons on what she never knew, he molded her like clay in a way that she could never be able to depend on herself.
It was taking a toll on her freedom she loved him but didn't want to live this way anymore so she decided she will free herself from the dark chains that she can hardly breathe, from the chains that  felt like old rust and smelt like rotten water mixed with the iron. Remembering the days that he used to take her to his cell and rip off her humanity and degrade her with his sick mind and make her do things that would never come across a normal person. 
He once took an old bent blade and slit his wrist and made her to drink his blood! He said: So you won't forget me, I'll be in your blood forever. He made her take a bath in his feces. He would tie her to the bed and let the spiders crawl on her naked body and put red ants on her that would bite her and swell and after all that he would beat her with a rope with needles in it on her black and blue body.
She saw a black widow spider in the corner of the wall, spinning a web for her prey. She killed it and took its poison and put it on the knife so she could make a slow, painful death just like he was doing to her he came that night in her room again at night so he could play his sick games on her!
But this time it was going to be the last. She pretended to be asleep, he came closer to her, she could smell his sweat. 
She waited till he bent over her and took the knife and plunged it into his chest, she pushed him to the floor and started to stab him over and over again remembering everything he did to her she was planning for him to have a slow death. But it came to this after it was over she decided to take a blood bath in his blood a glass of red blood, "his blood" so she will never forget what he did to her. 

Written  By: Sugaronwheels


PainDancing to the symphony of my pain. My blood drains, drop by drop You can hear the drips one after the other. Your sharp tongue is like a killer's knife: you sharpen it before the kill. When will this torture end its like a mirror I can see everything. I know what you want, you want my soul you want me to be dust in the air or just disappear. 

Written. By : sugaronwheels 
18-July - 2014

Monday, 14 July 2014

Sick Love.

You keep following me in my dreams,
I don't want your love anymore,
Its like slow death strangling me
Every time I try to go you pull me back
With your eyes like a magnet I can't refuse them
When will I be free from this sick love.


By :sugaronwheels

Wednesday, 2 July 2014


Looking For away to escape this life
Waiting for my plan to come to life
Watching every move you make
Hoping you slip and brake
I've become frozen even from life
My feelings have become ice
Don't ask me why?
You know that you stole my light
You planted the dark seeds
So your harvest is hate and anger
One day will come and I'll be free

Tuesday, 24 June 2014


Tuning corners of fate 
Trying to hold on to my thoughts 
Not lay down for dead as the carriage
Takes me to my last place. 
Will I see daylight ?
or will I stay in this
pandemonium castle?

By : sugaronwheels
Jun 24-2014

Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Your Clown

Your Clown

I want to rock your world; I want to let you know
you are my world; I can make it real just believe in we
Don't to see your frown I'll be your clown 
Lets just see what we will be.

By: Sugaronwheels (c)

The Rogue Nun monday musings june-9-2014

Friday, 6 June 2014

Place Of Doubt.

 In this place where i cant get out
 I tried to face my biter fate
 Will i get to replace my doubt 
 I need  to find out 
 Should I be coward and stay
 Or become a falcon and flyaway 

jun6 - 2014

By: Sugaronwheels. (c)

Teddy bear

I'm a cuddly teddy 
I love to snuggle
I'll keep you warm 
Away from trouble.

June 6-6-2014

    By: sugaronwheels ©

Monday, 2 June 2014



Addicted to you like a drug I'm high
your closer to me then the blood in my veins
you are my sanctuary and shelter I cant deny
pulling me in, going under drowning into you
don't save me from you i love falling  into you.

i saw you as a dream then you became true
I'm the body and you are my soul
when you come in my life you brought me back
to life I'm addicted to you.


  Writen for the prompt ;Magpie Tales 222

Saturday, 31 May 2014



hours of darkness  loom  
evilness  on  gravestones - 
echos  hate  in  heart 

Haiku. By :sugaronwheels

Life goes on

 My sorrow is heavier then lead wacthing it dwell  in the  dark  shadows of my head,
 my ink like  the blue  sea; i pour  out my soul, on pages of  strange fate
 that will become tommrows hisstroy. For  those that who do not  know
 the time will come for you and me to meet our loved ones who have become  yesterdays  memories
 life  gose on it never ends.
 Yesterday  you were here  now you're there,
 your beautiful  spirit,in my heart, my memory is not itself
 your  face slowly fading from view.
 I only have old pictures of you;
 i see your coat hangig and shoes still by the door
 wishing  you'll come   through that door

By: Sugaronwheels
written for the : The Rogue Nun. may-26-2014

Friday, 30 May 2014

Let The Haters Hate

Hate can burn your fate
dont wait till its to late
try to make a bran new day
do your best and god will do the rest
just go your way day by day
and don't look behind
let the haters hate.

Thursday, 29 May 2014

Guest Of tThe Night

Clouds pass by with a graceful smile
And a beauty of green benith my feet
As the night crawls in wearing royal black 
The stars put on their glitter to welcome 
Their guest  of the night . 

By : sugaronwheels 

Wednsday weekly write #6

Tuesday, 27 May 2014

In the kitchen


onions and garlic
Smell of spices fill the air
Inside the kitchen. 

By: sugaronwheels

Sunday, 25 May 2014

A wonderful Mess

I opened the door to find a wonderful mess
It wasn't a surprise to my eye's, this shambles needed to be addressed.
I told my son your father won't be impressed, and told him he's a total mess.

Written by: sugaronwheels
Written for :  mag-221

Thursday, 22 May 2014

Treasure Life

Open your eyes treasure the magic of life. Unlock the chains that binds the
wounded soul, learn to unveil secrets of the unexplained.

Every spirit has a hidden spark yet to be ignited by the power of love Just blow away clouds of sadness like a child blows on a dandelion with a smile of life.

By : sugaronwheels

Written for the Wednesday weekly Write. No #5

Monday, 19 May 2014

The Coffee Stain In my Heart

Warmth from my coffee wakes me up thinkg of the new day what must be done I see the stained table from my mug.
Just like the black mark he left in my soul so hard to get out, even If
I was put in a tub.
I'll just pretend not to notice the marks on wood and cover them
with a tablecloth just like I deal with my pain.

Yesterday's Page

                    Edward Hopper ,1922


Sadness  has  gone   now
Happy   to   change   that   pathway 
yesterday's  page   passed
Tears of blood  and   pain   gone  bye
I  love  you  eternally. 



Friday, 16 May 2014



   Drip drop the tap won't stop
   The sound gets louder doesn't 
    Cover my ears try not to hear 
    But it won't stop. 
    Like my clock tick tock 
    By: sugaronwheels ©
    Written for the : The Rogue Nun May12 the image prompt

Thursday, 15 May 2014

Leafs of love

    Leafs fall as kisses fly
    The heat of love makes the sky misty
    Stories never end 
    The wind takes us faraway 
    To a place to feel freedom 

    By: sugaronwheels ©
   Written for Weekly wednsday write 

Tuesday, 13 May 2014


Temptation is lurking around the corner  I feel your presents getting stronger by the minute you want a bite of me i sense it through my skin in my bones.
I can taste the smooth drops of salted love  mixed with desire
to have what is not yours

Thursday, 8 May 2014

Colors Of Joy.

Colors of joy i see in your eyes 
Every time  you learn something 
New colors sparkl and shine 
I see the love of art in your mind
How your skills grow like a bueatful portrait slowly completing the picture 
Of life. 

By: sugaronwheels ©
For the Wednesday Weekly Write

Sunday, 27 April 2014

Dark Thourgths

Can't take the pain away
My head feels like it's been 
Blowen away by dark desires
Never knew that I could be so 
Dark thourgths come and go
Black clouds all around 
I can hear the wolfe 'howl'.
As I take a long walk to clear my black
intentions. I can feel something moving 
In far distance of the woods it's growing 
Louder I try to block out the sounds. 

Sunday, 30 March 2014



Throw my red  heels off as I sat on the sofa, as i sip down coffee from a hand painted cup painted with care evry line trying to tell a story her fingers where like silk what did she mean? Feathers and a butterfly? Thinkg as I taste the smooth rich coffee the smell so divine.

Feathers ment courage to fight off the bad ones, red and brown butterfly ment significant news on the horizon .

By: sugaronwheels

Written for :The mag213



Forgive me for all the bad things I said, I didn't realise that I would have the same pain when I heard the same words I spoke to you.
I never thought I'd feel torn inside between love and dispare
Not knowing how to fix the cracks.
That the years have in carved in the walls of trust, We no longer talk like before only give looks and stares .

By: sugaronwheels

Tuesday, 25 March 2014

leftover tornado.


Woke up, all this mes  

What happened? Im depressed

Everything is a blur.

Trying to remember the mess

Anxiously picking up scattered

Things from the wooden floor

Looking at clues like inspcter clouseau 

Falling over things what seems to be

A leftover tornado.Then like a flash

It all came back i turned back then lad 

Flat on my back and that was that.


Saturday, 22 March 2014

The cat with the red hat

The cat with the red hat

There once was a big fat cat
Who  had a big red hat
With long fluffy hair that sat on rug
And drank milk  out of a mug
After a nap he eat a big fat rat. 

By: sugaronwheels

Written for : The Roguen Nun Promht

Friday, 21 March 2014

Ripples Of Life


Ripples of motion  grow apart
Like life  everything is in it's own 
Orbit first you see it as one, then
Your stuned as life goes on, you 
Grow to learn that your alone. 
Even in the mothers woam until 
Your last destination, just enjoy 
The beauty of life and see how
When one thing has such delight. 

By: Sugaronwheels.  

Sunday, 16 March 2014

Dark Soul.

My thoughts are tangled in this 
Nutshell of mine.
Nothing helps unwire threads of electrical Fear, laying on a Bed of pain and scolding memories as I  
Pull the sheets of regret over 
My head I try to decode the Pain
In my  head. 
I've wasted much time. In my dark Chamber the smell of negativity
What once was so clear is now so haunted like a raven chancing me.
Dark soul ,pushes the light Away,to make room for darkness,it can be sensed by a Slumped body and a look form
My eye.

Wednesday, 12 March 2014

A Prsent from Mr. Sam.

From  Sargent Sam.

Written by: sugaronwheels


She sat on the door step every day
watching people pass by ,they would always somehow notice her
It must have been her black curly hair and her natural tanned skin
The passersby would smile or say hi she was only seven years old ,but she had that deep look in her eyes that say she understands the world
One day she was sitting at the same place when a old man walked by with a dog the old man looked very smart with his hat that was from the 30s . 
It was a great day it was a  Sunday 
The sun was shining there was no cloud to be seen it was a grate day for a picnic so her father decided that there was going to be a outing 
She helped her mother pack the food and went to the park.
As she was playing with  other children she saw a familiar face!
It was the smart old man and his dog , she jumped off the swing ran to the old man with her big smile on her face she didn't have a care in the world that her two front teeth where missing and said : Hi good morning ,and pat the Jack Russells head  the dog seemed very happy to see her, he jumped up and started to lick her face. 
The little girl sat beside listening to stories told by him her big black eyes sparkling when he got to a interesting part,it was time to go home, she thanked him and skipped on her way back .
The days went by the same way, 
One day she didn't see the old narrator
She missed the stories that he told her on the step that they used to sit on after that day in the park.
Her mother saw how sad she had became,The next day A young Lady
Rang the door bell her father opened the door and she was holding a doggie .Rose came running down the stairs nearly falling down, she saw the dog she looked behind the lady hopping her old friend would be just hiding , but no he wasn't.  The lady said : It was his last wish that you keep Mr. pach. Rose stood in silence wondering what she meant? She didn't know anything about death,it was the first time , the lady handed over Mr.Pach to rose with a envelope it was a letter from her old friend. 



                 The End.

The morning rose

 Good morning, my homeland . hope has no limits, the smell of morning rose mixed with musk and aloes-wood aroma 

By: sugaronwheels. ©

Sunday, 9 March 2014

Changed Direction.

Came to remember my pain
Need to remember the strain
It was all about your Stuck-up

You always blabber on about
When the days where So extraordinary, your still going on
Wake up everything has gone.

Still playing, nothing to win
Only to lose all has been wasted
On gaming, it's my number to
Play, the game has changed direction.

By: sugaronwheels

Written for mag210

Saturday, 8 March 2014

Golden Bench Of Memories.

Sat on the old  wooden bench
It smelled of golden memories
Took a deep breath of life, with 
Hope of getting the best of life. 
Leaning my head watching 
Cotton clouds pass by ,children
Playing on slides and swings.
As I take a stroll 
I can hear the soft breeze
Whisper to the leafs ,suddenly
A delicate butterfly gracefully danced 
Around me saying goodbye to me.

Friday, 7 March 2014

Fingers of the breeze

Fingers of the breeze.

The time has come to flyaway 

In mind and spirt to another land

Where should I go In curiosity?

So many places that come in my head 

I'll go to a place with soft  sand!

Or shall I go to the ice and snow?

No. I'll go to the warm beach 

Where the soft fingers of the breeze 

Plays on my tanned cheeks and in my 

My dark tangled  curly locks  

I can hear the waves smell the salty sea

Waiting to leave enthusiastically .

By: memesuageronwheels


Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Poets nap.

My mind full of thoughts

Like a traffic jam hearing

Little devil voices trying to

Contribute to madness

Of my worthless life,as I

Lay my dreary head on my oak desk.

Taking a poets nap just to recap 

The day writing words mixing them

 In the bowl of life So true 

Meaning comes out.

By: sugaronwheels 

Written for: Mag

Monday, 3 March 2014


Why did you leave? Why go?
You were so close to me
Loved you dear you hurt me so
I told you so don't you go out
That door, but oh no you had
to go.

Dear father I love you so
I beg you can you forget our
Pain and let go ?Still remember The day youTold me so,not to go,In my white gown,
I was stubborn and wanted
What I couldn't have .

It's been three long years
Missing you so, my heart
Is sinking slow. Life is pulling
Like a magnet out of my soul
I love you my soul . Missing the
The days full of laughter and
Even the anger .

Wish you could see my children
Full of innocence they help me to hold on . Will I see you ever again? Or hear your voice again?
My only wish was to live again.

Sunday, 2 March 2014

King of the rollerz

2014 / jan / 22

Just doing my thing like a pro  roller
Wheeliez are my game so don't you
Stop my thing , you say I'm a  just roller.
Next time you pass by  say hi and
Look how my chair is in the sky
Now you know I'm king of the rollerz.

      By : memesugaronwheels

Death is near.

Laying on silk sand listening to harmony all around, reason isn't fair, death is near, I don't care how will it feel? How is it going to be over there?
Drank my last sip, played my last song just waiting for death to come! The moon is watching my last scene before I go. The lion is ready to pounce on me.

Thank you for mag