Sunday, 20 July 2014

Blood Bath

She loved him, couldn't let go
All the years that he helped her
To bloom, and open her horizons on what she never knew, he molded her like clay in a way that she could never be able to depend on herself.
It was taking a toll on her freedom she loved him but didn't want to live this way anymore so she decided she will free herself from the dark chains that she can hardly breathe, from the chains that  felt like old rust and smelt like rotten water mixed with the iron. Remembering the days that he used to take her to his cell and rip off her humanity and degrade her with his sick mind and make her do things that would never come across a normal person. 
He once took an old bent blade and slit his wrist and made her to drink his blood! He said: So you won't forget me, I'll be in your blood forever. He made her take a bath in his feces. He would tie her to the bed and let the spiders crawl on her naked body and put red ants on her that would bite her and swell and after all that he would beat her with a rope with needles in it on her black and blue body.
She saw a black widow spider in the corner of the wall, spinning a web for her prey. She killed it and took its poison and put it on the knife so she could make a slow, painful death just like he was doing to her he came that night in her room again at night so he could play his sick games on her!
But this time it was going to be the last. She pretended to be asleep, he came closer to her, she could smell his sweat. 
She waited till he bent over her and took the knife and plunged it into his chest, she pushed him to the floor and started to stab him over and over again remembering everything he did to her she was planning for him to have a slow death. But it came to this after it was over she decided to take a blood bath in his blood a glass of red blood, "his blood" so she will never forget what he did to her. 

Written  By: Sugaronwheels