Saturday, 2 August 2014

The Playground

He left him playing in the park with his uncle John and told him to be a good boy. And that when he comes back they will get some ice-cream. 
He was playing in the sand and suddenly
A man fell down in front of him a wooden thick stick with blood all over his face and open eyes staring at him, but with no life in them he looked around as he was in shock and terrified. 
A big huge teddy was behind him, his uncle went to buy a newspaper, the teddy was watching him with an evil look and began to talk to him would you like to play with me? If you do ill help you and won't let anyone hurt you! I know that you cry at night and seen how the other children bully you. The boy felt strange about this and wanted to know how did the teddy know about him? But he wanted a friend to and felt lonely, so he said yes, then the teddy told the boy first you have to prove to me you will be a good friend and not leave me. If you do ill get sad and angry, then things will go bad; the boy said ok don't worry: friends forever. 
Ok then you see that body I want you to get rid of it. The poor boy didn't realize that he was going to be part of a crime he said I can't  lift the body up it's to hevey for me! The teddy said then  cut him in pieces and bury him so he did. 
The next day the boy went to school and the children on the bus started to pick on him and call him names and pushed him on the floor he cried when he went home he ran straight to his room the teddy was sitting on his bed. : how did you get here ? Teddy said thorugh the door. I saw what happend on the bus. And you will see what I will do to them! The following day he went to school and the bullies where kind to him and not hiting him 
Anymore so he was a happy boy for a couple of days till a boy was found hung by the neck in the school Jim soon as he saw him hanging he knew it was that evil teddy. The boy felt bad he told the teddy that he can't go around killing innocent people  teddy looked at him and raised the side of his devilish eyebrow and told him It's my favarte game would you like to play with me ? 
That's when he knew that the teddy bear was the one who killed the man in the park.