Saturday, 7 June 2014

The Tree

When I was a child i always looked up to the sky i played with the clouds and made all kinds if shapes 
their was this very big cloud it was the biggest of them. It came slowly a cross the sky  i looked  at it in deep surprise it was the biggest I've ever seen in my life parts of the cloud was wight as snow and others had a ashen gray to it; in the middle :maybe it was my fairy tail imagination but i swear i could see a tree in the cloud. I pulled on my mother's hand the other hand had a grocery bag we had been shopping for the weekly  stock 
:Mummy can you see the tree in that big cloud up their? She said yes ;she didn't want to destroy my imagination :Why is it up there? she said it's waiting for us to go their. The year's passed and my mother passed away and every time i'd see clouds in the sky i would look for that special could the one with the tree i just might see my loving mother.  
written By: Sugaronwheels