Monday, 3 March 2014


Why did you leave? Why go?
You were so close to me
Loved you dear you hurt me so
I told you so don't you go out
That door, but oh no you had
to go.

Dear father I love you so
I beg you can you forget our
Pain and let go ?Still remember The day youTold me so,not to go,In my white gown,
I was stubborn and wanted
What I couldn't have .

It's been three long years
Missing you so, my heart
Is sinking slow. Life is pulling
Like a magnet out of my soul
I love you my soul . Missing the
The days full of laughter and
Even the anger .

Wish you could see my children
Full of innocence they help me to hold on . Will I see you ever again? Or hear your voice again?
My only wish was to live again.