Saturday, 31 May 2014

Life goes on

 My sorrow is heavier then lead wacthing it dwell  in the  dark  shadows of my head,
 my ink like  the blue  sea; i pour  out my soul, on pages of  strange fate
 that will become tommrows hisstroy. For  those that who do not  know
 the time will come for you and me to meet our loved ones who have become  yesterdays  memories
 life  gose on it never ends.
 Yesterday  you were here  now you're there,
 your beautiful  spirit,in my heart, my memory is not itself
 your  face slowly fading from view.
 I only have old pictures of you;
 i see your coat hangig and shoes still by the door
 wishing  you'll come   through that door

By: Sugaronwheels
written for the : The Rogue Nun. may-26-2014